Safety Measures against COVID-19

Safety Measures at events 

While reflecting the Japanese government's relaxation of measures against infectious diseases for the after-corona, Yamanashi Jewellery Fair will continue to implement safety measures that we consider necessary as an organizer so that as many participants as possible can participate comfortably.


●Wearing a mask

    ーWhether or not to wear a mask in the exhibition hall is at the discretion of both visitors and exhibitors.

    Organiser and operational staff will wear a mask.

    • ーReflecting the Japanese government government policy, Wearing a mask when boarding the long-distance shuttle bus, which generally allows everyone to take a seat, is left to the discretion of the individual.

    • ーRegarding the circulation bus between Kofu Station and the exhibition venue, it is recommended to wear a mask when boarding during busy times.

      • ーFor operational reasons, the organizer may ask you to wear a mask.

    ●Temperature measurement at the entrance

    ●Hand sterilization at the entrance

    ●Regular ventilation in the venue

    ●Control of congestion inside the halls and the seminar room

    The organiser will control the density of visitors inside each halls by limiting or closing entrances if necessary. Visitors may be asked to wait at the entrance before entering the venue.


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    The following persons will not be admitted to the exhibition;

    • ーPersons with a temperature of 37.5 degrees Celsius or higher.

    • ーPersons with symptoms such as cough, sore throat, or breathlessness

    • ーPersons who have tested positive for the new coronavirus infection

    • ーPersons who have a family member who has tested positive.



    Please note that those safety measures will be changed as necessary in accordance with changes in the standards of the Japan government, related local city governments, exhibition venues, and guidelines of the Japanese exhibition industry, so please check the latest information on this page before visiting the event.


    Yamanashi Jewellery Fair secretariat office